• Morissa Schwartz


So far we have discussed the overall concept of cryotherapy. We know its intent, how it works, and some of the health benefits that you can get by doing these cold sessions every once in a while. But what you might not know is that cryotherapy can be used as a beauty treatment.

Athletes have been making use of this treatment for a quite a while now, but their main focus was to eliminate muscle pain and recover from injuries faster. Recently, some celebrities decided to try this out - however, they were approaching it from a different perspective.

We know that celebrities worry a lot about their looks - it determines a great amount of their success, after all. Working out is a big part of their life, which is one reason why cryotherapy has worked for them. They can recover quickly from a workout and get ready to take command of whatever they have to do the next day.

Celebrities using cryotherapy have also discovered its anti-aging properties. The extremely cold atmospheric temperatures help with destroying fat cells accumulated in the lower torso, smoothing out any facial wrinkles that you might have, and even eliminate varicose veins.

This is possible precisely because cryotherapy is a full-body treatment that triggers a parasympathetic response in the nervous system which allows these wonderful, youth-preserving effects to appear!

Eliminating fat in your body often requires a parasympathetic reaction in order for it to be used up as energy naturally. Because cold temperatures kick that response into high gear, they can be completely eliminated if they are exposed to very icy temperatures - which cryotherapy certainly does. We are Spending 3 minutes in a frozen chamber is all it takes to send the message that the reserve energy you have stored needs to be used.

According to Eric Bernstein, a dermatologist from the University of Pennsylvania: "When you chill the fat cells, you injure them, which sends a message to the cells' DNA to undergo apoptosis and die(...) And once you kill the fat cells, they're gone". This process will take a month to six weeks, but you will certainly see and take advantage of the results within that time!

Smoothing out wrinkles via cryotherapy is all about targeting the facial nerves responsible for their appearance. The specific technique used in this situation is called cryoneuromodulation.

Cryoneuromodulation is a process similar to acupuncture. A doctor applies topical anesthesia and then inserts one to five thin needles, called cryoprobes, on either side of the face for 30 seconds each. The cold contained in each needle will make your muscles relax and disable the nerve endings that cause crow’s feet and other particularly unappealing forms of aging.

Finally, when it comes to eliminating varicose veins there's a device called Cryo 6, specifically designed to get rid of them for good. The main goal of this device is to apply freezing air (-22 ℉) onto the skin as injections are administered. The best part about it is that this technique is a pain-free process, because air - unlike water or ice - is less likely to cause such a response to the stimulus.

Acquiring beauty does not necessarily mean you have to endure pain or invasive surgery anymore! You can try cryotherapy - a completely painless process that will give you the benefits you need to start feeling young and beautiful.