• Morissa Schwartz


If you have not heard about cryotherapy, then this is the right time to learn everything about it! Cryotherapy is a sensory therapeutic method that focuses on cold. Exposing your body to low temperatures for several minutes at a time produces plenty of benefits for your body, especially if you dedicate a lot of time to sports and other forms of physical activity.

This treatment can be administered to your whole body or a certain area, but it’s not as extreme as it sounds. If you have experienced a sore back, ankle, or even headache and you decided to use an ice pack to solve the problem, then you have already tried this technique!

Nowadays, celebrities and professional athletes are using this technique to achieve a new form of physical longevity. However, cryotherapy can give you an experience that will make you feel like a new person! Here’s how it works:

1. First you need to have the right equipment. You will need a protective bathing suit, socks and gloves, a mouthpiece, and ear gear to prevent frostbite.

2. Then you will be guided to a cryotherapy chamber where you will be exposed to the lowest temperatures that go from -110° Celsius to -190° Celsius. To achieve this, the cabin gets filled with nitrogen vapor, and super-cooled air to balance it out. No need to worry - this process is not painful at all.

Since the whole chamber is filled with dry air, and it does not possess any humidity, the process will not be painful like an ice bath. Your body temperature will drop to 18° Celsius for 3 minutes (approximately 64° Fahrenheit). However, this does not affect your core temperature nearly as much - that will only lower by fractions of a degree.

When you leave the chamber after the three minutes, you will immediately feel a change in energy, flexibility, and strength - making you feel ready to take over the world. This is because you will be able to make use of the entire range of motion within your muscles, which is something that you cannot do if you use other water or ice treatments.

It is one thing to describe what cryotherapy does to your body, and another to explain it. That said, what exactly happens that causes these improvements? When you step into the cryotherapy cabin, your blood vessels quickly constrict due to the low temperatures, and they form a protective layer around the walls of the veins and arteries, while the core body temperature maintains itself or drops slightly.

This parasympathetic response naturally stimulates the circulation of blood, which can prevent the appearance of “vascular spiders” - since the blood vessels strengthen and tone themselves through this treatment method. It can also restore your metabolism, and provide faster recovery from any injuries you sustain. That is why this technique has become so common among sports professionals.

The main goal of cryotherapy is to provide better general health to every type of client. Cryotherapy is efficient from a cosmetic point of view. It has been known to boost positive results in acne treatment, as well as anti-cellulitis and weight reduction programs. You can also use cryotherapy to reduce stress, malaise, and other negative factors surrounding mental health, so whatever you need done in order to improve your day-to-day living, cryotherapy is worth considering!